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Benjaram M, Reddy and V M, Mastikhin (1992) A study of tin dioxide and antimony tetroxide supported vanadium oxide catalysts by solid-state 51V and 1H NMR techniques. Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance, 1 . pp. 245-249.

P, Selvam (1992) Alcohol fuels--the question of their introduction: A comparison with conventional vehicular fuels and hydrogen. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 17 (3). pp. 237-242.

A. , Thangaraj and S. , Sivasanker and P. , Ratnasamy (1992) Catalytic properties of titanium silicalites IV. Vapour phase Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime. Journal of Catalysis , 131 . pp. 252-256.

M.M., Taqui Khan and S A, Mizra and Z.A., Shaikh and Ch, Sreelatha and P, Paul and R S, Shukla and D. , Srinivas and A, Prakash Rao and S.H.R., Abdi and S.D , Bhat and G, Ramachandraiah (1992) Dioxygen affinities of some ruthenium(III) schiff base complexes. Polyhedron , 11 (14). pp. 1821-1827.

Benjaram M, Reddy and E, Padmanabha Reddy and S T, Srinivas (1992) Dispersion and Activity of Molybdena-Alumina Catalysts Prepared by Impregnation and Solid/Solid Wetting Methods. Journal of Catalysis , 136 . pp. 50-58.

A. , Thangaraj and S. , Sivasanker (1992) Distribution of isomers in the alkylation of benzene with long-chain olefins over solid acid catalysts. Journal of Catalysis , 386 . pp. 138-390.

A. , Thangaraj and R. , Kumar and S. , Sivasanker (1992) Evidence for the simultaneous incorporation of AI and Ti in MFI structure(AI-TS-1). Zeolites, 12 . pp. 135-137.

F, Bonhomme and P, Selvam and M, Yoshida and K, Yvon and P, Fischer (1992) Hydrogen-stabilized Mg2RhH1.1 with filled Ti2Ni-type structure. Journal of Alloys and Compounds , 178 (1-2). pp. 167-172.

S.B., Halligudi and H.C. , Bajaj and K.N. , Bhatt and M. , Krishnaratnam (1992) Hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexane catalyzed by rhodium(1) complex supported on montmorillonite clay. Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters, 48 . pp. 547-552.

Mohan K , Dongare and P, Singh and P M, Suryavanshi (1992) Hydrothermal synthesis and characterisation of crystalline sodium zirconium phosphates. Materials Research Bulletin , 27 (5). pp. 637-645.

J. , Sudhakar Reddy and S. , Sivasanker and P. , Ratnasamy (1992) Hydroxylation of phenol over TS-2, a titanium silicate molecular sieve. Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 71 . pp. 373-381.

S K, Saha and S., Sivasanker (1992) Influence of Zn- and Ga-doping on the conversion of ethanol to hydrocarbons over ZSM-5. Catalysis Letters, 15 . pp. 413-418.

P, Marathamuthu and S, Muthu and K, Gurunathan and M, Ashokkumar and M.V.C, Sastri (1992) Photobiocatalysis: hydrogen evolution using a semiconductor coupled with photosynthetic bacteria. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 17 (11). pp. 863-866.

R , Vetrivel (1992) Preferred sites for the isomoprhous substituted for boron in ZSM-5 zeolite structure. Zeolites, 12 (4). pp. 424-427.

Benjaram M, Reddy and B, Manohar and Safia, Mehdi (1992) Reactivity of V2O5 with TiO2-ZrO2 mixed oxide: An X-ray diffraction study. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 97 . pp. 233-238.

K. , Madhusudan Reddy and S.K., Pokhriyal and P. , Ratnasamy and S. , Sivasanker (1992) Reforming of pyrolysis gasoline over platinum-alumina catalysts containing MFI type zeolites. Applied Catalysis A: General, 83 . pp. 1-13.

S , Rajagopal and S, Vancheesan and J, Rajaram and J.C , Kuriacose (1992) RuCl2(PPh3)3-catalyzed transfer hydrogenation of Image-glucose. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical , 75 (2). pp. 199-208.

A. , Thangaraj and M.J, Eapen and S., Sivasanker and P. , Ratnasamy (1992) Studies on the synthesis of titanium silicalite, TS-1. Zeolites, 12 . pp. 943-950.

I. B, Rufus and V, Ramakrishnan and B, Viswanathan and J.C , Kuriacose (1992) Surface characterization of CdSo.62Seo.38 by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Materials Science Letters, 11 . pp. 252-254.

P R, Hari Prasad Rao and A.V., Ramaswamy and P. , Ratnasamy (1992) Synthesis and catalytic properties of crystalline, microporous vanadium silicates with MEL structure. Journal of Catalysis , 37 . pp. 225-231.

N.S, Raman and B, Viswanathan and T.K, Varadarajan (1992) Valency of copper in 123 oxides. Journal of Materials Science, 27 (1). pp. 6440-6446.

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